Solutions for Industrial Applications

Microbest has strong, long term relationships with an approved supplier base, which covers a full range of special processing capabilities.

Some of the special processes that we subcontract on a daily basis include:

  • Heat Treating
  • Manganese Phosphate
  • Anodizing
  • Shot Peen
  • Chrome Plating

Non-destructive testing- MPI/FPI (Magnetic Particle Testing, Fluorescent Penetrant Testing)
Most approved suppliers are conveniently located within driving distance of Microbest, limiting the possibility of product damage due to shipping and handling.

If you have a product that requires processing, listed or not, please contact Microbest to discuss the application. 

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Special processing assembly.

Processing Equipment

Microbest has a range of equipment for special processing, including:

  • Ohio Broach H-524-E Horizontal Broach
  • Ohio Broach HC-548 Horizontal Pull Broach
  • Savage Range System Range Trap
  • Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Booth
  • Everite ECG Electro Chemical Grinder
  • Sunnen M5B 1650 Hone
  • Sunnen SH4000 Automatic Hone
  • Telesis Pinstamp Dot Peen Marker
  • Minilase Laser Marking System
  • Rousselle Press
  • Kine Spin Fluid Extractor

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Mada brand machinery.


Microbest has a number of saws to cut a wide range of sizes and materials, including:

  • Amada CMII 75DG Automatic Bar Feed Saw
  • Amada A250
  • Amada HDA250 

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