Microbest has supplied tight tolerance parts for the firearms, electronics and medical device industries for over 64 years. Our commitment to first-time quality and on-time delivery are 
recognized by commercial and military customers around the world.  

Last year, we started on a journey to transform our business.  As a result, we are making significant invenestments in our people, machines and technology.  On behalf of our 250 Microbest employees, thank you for your continued interest in Microbest.  We look forward to serving you in 2024.

Product photos

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Description Product on Grey Background Product on White Background
BCG - Hard Chrome
PN: 4514605
4514605_ChromeLeft45Degree.jpg 4514605_ChromeRight45Degree-min.jpg
BCG - Titanium Nitride
PN: 4523701
4523701_TitaniumLeft.jpg 4523701_TitaniumRight45Degree-min.jpg
BCG - Nickel Boron
PN: 4514607
4514607_NickeLeft45Degree.jpg 4514607_NickeRight45Degree.jpg
PN: 4525701
4525701_DLC_Left45Degree-min.jpg 4525701_DLC_Right45Degree-min.jpg
BCG - Phosphate
PN: 4514604
4514604_StandardLeft45Degree-min.jpg 4514604_StandardRight45Degree-min.jpg