High-Tolerance Performance Components

Microbest is a leading manufacturer of complex components, with the ability to produce high-tolerance parts quickly from exotic materials. Microbest provides precision components that pass even the most stringent QA requirements. From a single part machined for an antique airplane to high volume, critical components for modern aircraft, Microbest has the machining capabilities to produce the parts you need at high speed and at economical cost.

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Aerospace component.

Rapidly-Growing Capabilities

While Microbest has produced quality parts for many years, the company continues to make a concerted effort to expand its capabilities in the Aerospace industry. By hiring key engineering and production staff with industry-specific skills and knowledge and by acquiring production equipment designed to create Aerospace components, Microbest is poised to dramatically increase production in this volatile and fast-paced area.


Long metal component for Aerispace use.

Regularly Produced Parts

Microbest regularly produces such critical parts as:

  • Fasteners
  • Shafting
  • Tubing
  • Cargo Compartment Components

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