Microbest is a broad based supplier of precision machinng  services and components. The company's capabilities allow all processes required to produce finished parts  from various raw materials, virtually all metals and many plastics. Raw materials are most commonly processed from bar stock form but we routinely work with castings, forgings, extrusions and customer supplied blanks.

Raw materials are processed in the most efficient manner possible to meet the design, quality, delivery and cost requirements of the customer. Our core competencies include the following processes:

  • Stock Preparation- Rod Grinding etc.
  • CNC and Automatic Turning
  • CNC Milling - Machining Centers up to 4-Axis, manual and pallet changing equipment.
  • Grinding- ID (Inside Diameter), OD (Outside Diameter), Surface and Centerless Grinding - CNC, ECG and conventional equipment.
  • Deburing - Mass finishing processes as well as precision manual deburring operations.
  • Support/Secondary - A full compliment of automated and manual secondary operations support equipment.
  • Special Processing - We sub-contract to many world class Thermal, Coating, and Testing process suppliers.
  • Assembly - We provide many assemblies  to our customers ready for resale and/or inclusion in their higher level assemblies.

Whether you require product on the cutting edge of precision machining tolerances or simple items at the lowest total cost, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.