Shaped by History with Eyes on the Future

The orignal Microbest building.

Microbest is founded in Bethel, Connecticut as a Swiss screw machining company employing 12-15 people.

An assortment of parts, pieces, and components.

A new owner brings a new direction and starts a period of growth for Microbest, broadening the company’s capabilities and expanding the industries it serves. 

A room of machinery.

The company redefines itself, creating a company culture based around believing in and practicing a customer-driven, quality-based, team-oriented management system that strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of the company.


Microbest moves from Bethel to Waterbury, CT and begins aggressively marketing to firearms manufacturers. After finding success creating firing and cam pins for the M-16 weapon platform, the company further expands capabilities to create larger and more intricate parts, such as the bolt and bolt carrier assembly for several firearms OEMs. 

An assembly line of metal components.

Microbest begins the first of 5 physical expansions, growing from 45,000 sq. ft. to 72,000 sq. ft. The company also makes large capital investments to machining and equipment resources. These expanded capabilities allow Microbest to begin penetrating more deeply into the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Business Machine industries.

A large machine.

Microbest invests heavily in machinery and equipment by acquiring new state of the art vertical and horizontal CNC machinery to support their expansion.  

Microbest precision machinery.

Today, Microbest employs over 250 skilled employees and has diversified its equipment and techniques to service clients across multiple industries, producing close tolerance machined components from a variety of materials. The shop floor is home to more than 300 state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, supported by some of the best engineering and quality assurance teams in the industry. Having established itself as an important supplier in the Small Arms, Military & Police Firearms, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Business Machine, and Electronic Component markets, the company is looking to further expand its offerings and deepen relationships in those industries and to penetrate new markets.

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Microbest Management

The Management team at Microbest has been employed for an average of 18 years and has a combined 281 years’ experience in manufacturing. ​​​​The team's longevity and deep understanding of the company's values guide them to perform at a high level without losing sight of the challenges a manufacturing company faces. ​​​

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