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Microbest, Inc. was founded in 1960 as a Swiss Automatic screw shop. It has persevered by employing innovation, a constant pursuit of excellence and continually raising the bar in terms of quality, value and productivity. Microbest holds many manufacturing certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ANAB and ASR.

Microbest History

Microbest Quick Facts

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

.0002 inch tolerance achieved regularly on many products

65% of workforce employed for 5+ years

100% American Made


Microbest Management

The Management team at Microbest has been employed with the company for an average of 18 years and has a combined 281 years’ experience in manufacturing. The Management team’s longevity and deep understanding of the company’s values guide the company at a high level without losing sight of the challenges a manufacturing company faces. Microbest has grown due to the Management team’s constant dedication to innovation, pursuit of excellence and emphasis on quality, value and productivity.

Meet the Team

Microbest employees smiling while working.

Microbest Employees

Microbest prides itself on treating people well, which is represented by our staff member’s length of tenure. Over 65% of our workforce has been employed by the company exceeding 5 years of service, while 22% of our workforce exceeds 10 years. Microbest is a family company, with parents and their adult children working together.

The Microbest Engineering team is highly experienced and dedicated to improving all aspects of Microbest processes. The team has over 200 years' combined experience in the manufacturing industry. This experience is invaluable, helping Microbest deliver on the company’s promise of efficiency, professionalism, and for providing customers with solutions and quality components. With a multitude of skills in both practical and theoretical machining and engineering, Microbest’s engineers have broad technical expertise representing every aspect of the manufacturing process.

All processes and automation systems are designed, fully documented and manufactured in-house, all machining fixtures and gages are designed and built in-house as well. The team continuously updates Microbest’s systems using Lean and Six Sigma principles and embraces new technology to improve internal processes or provide additional value to clients.

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