A white Microbest Precision machine on the factory floor.

Providing Over 60 Years of Experience and Industry Innovation

Microbest was founded over 60 years ago and has grown by employing innovation, a constant pursuit toward excellence and continually raising the bar in terms of quality, value and productivity. 

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Quality Begins with Leadership

Microbest’s team is led by dedicated and experienced industry professionals who understand that quality products begin with quality leaders. The team embodies the Microbest ideals of precision and efficiency across all facets of the organization, leading over 250 employees to new heights of manufacturing success.

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Microbest’s Solutions & Capabilities

The Microbest teams produce high-quality precision machined components and parts, created using state-of-the-art CNC Milling, Turning, Grinding and other equipment.

Industries Served

Our facility is capable of providing high-quality parts for nearly any industry.

A handgun trigger.

Small Arms Components & Assemblies

Microbest produces an immense variety of components; from firing pins, full bolt and carrier assemblies, semi-auto pistol slides and a multitude of related firearm components. Microbest is proud to supply these products to many OEMs.

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Military personnel saluting.

Military & Police

Microbest produces high tolerance small arms and munition components for various Military branches and many Law Enforcement Agencies.

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Fighter jets flying through the sky.


Microbest manufactures precision components from standard and exotic materials for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

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A scientist looking through a microscope.


Microbest produces orthopedic hardware, medical and dental instruments, as well as a variety of other precision components for the Medical/Dental industries.

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Cars in traffic on a busy street.


Microbest manufactures automotive components that can be found in vehicles worldwide and in robotic equipment used in automotive manufacturing.

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Circuit board of a machine.

Business Machines

Microbest produces parts for telecommunication equipment, circuit board assemblies and a wide variety of electrical connectors.

Business Machines

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